PCRI plays a crucial role in strengthening the local packaging industry's performance

both within the country and in the export markets...

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 Packaging Clinic & Research Institute (PCRI)

Please join us to serve our PRODUCTS, PEOPLE & PLANET through our PACKAGING.

Life can not exist without Packaging.

We live this world with PACKAGING....We will leave this world with PACKAGING...


  • PCRI was established in early 2012 by Prof. BK Karna, prominent Packaging Professionals having experiences more than 3-decades at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (Now Telangana) to meet increasing demands for packaging research and will support to the related Institute, industry, community, society, university and Government agencies.
  • PCRI provides packaging consultancy for package design and determination of shelf life of packaged products like as foods, Pharma & Cosmetics, Horticulture / Agro products and dangerous goods coming under IATA and IMDG manuals etc.
  • PCRI conducts various packaging training programmes. The Packaging training is designed to create an opportunity for getting job and also as to become entrepreneur. Those who are accordingly graduate, undergraduate and Professionals from other trades, they can join the various PACKAGING TRAINING PROGRAMMES of PCRI.
  • PCRI is a self-funded firm whose main revenue falls into the following four categories

    1)   Packaging Consultancy

    2)   Packaging testing

    3)   Package training

    4)   Packaging Audit

    The first form of revenue generation surely comes from reputed companies who form the clientele for this institute when it comes to packaging consultancy, audit and the testing of the said packaging. They also claim to be the number one go-to for many big companies.